One stop mobility shops

Freiss carried out the evaluation of the Progress funded One stop mobility shops project led by the European citizen action service and involving Project Charonne in Paris, London Borough of Hammersmith and fulham in London working with the Barka foundation and STEP in south Tyrone.  The evaluation found that there were two main types of One stop mobility shop for vulnerable migrants in the project.  The Barka model concentrated on reconnection of A8 migrants who were rough sleepers in the affected boroughs.  After repatriation Barka were able to assist the migrants to reenter Polish society and many spent periods in Barka group homes.  In the rights based model STEP worked with a broader cross section of migrants including those at risk of becoming excluded.  STEP also succeeds in creating work opportunities for interpreters in over 30  languages.  Both approaches reveal the failure of mainstream services to adequately deal with migrants in precarious situations.  On the positive side they show that targeted support can help people to turn round their lives and either reintegrate in host societies or make a go of it back in their own country.,com_alphacontent/section,20/cat,909/task,view/id,158/Itemid,113/


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