About Peter Ramsden


Peter Ramsden is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. He is an expert in social innovation, urban and regional development and employment policy. As such he has worked extensively on the operation of the EU cohesion policy (both for the Commission and in Regional Development Agencies) and has advocated new approaches based on social innovation and inclusive entrepreneurship.

He currently manages the economic development pole for URBACT – an EU programme organising exchange, learning programme which works on the implementation of social innovations and urban good practices among 500 cities working within the EU’s cohesion policy.  For URBACT he has written extensively on how cities can address problems in deprived areas, improve metropolitan governance and promote active inclusion and smart growth.

He has advised the European Social Fund on inclusive entrepreneurship,
transnationality and social innovation and worked with the first Community of Practice on Inclusive Entrepreneurship.  He has carried out assignments for OECD, the World Bank the European Commission, national governments and cities across Europe. He also worked on the 2008 China dialogue on EU cohesion policy and participated in the Shanghai Expo in 2010 Better city, Better life.

He is the co-author of the EU guide to social innovation in cohesion policy and two guides on Community Led Local development in the European Structural and Investment Funds.  In 2013 he directed the widely acclaimed  50 Urban good practices study.

Peter started his career working in Hackney where he was involved in early work to combat racial discrimination in housing policy and subsequently became a community organiser working on housing estates including the celebrated Lea View House in Clapton on design participation, tenant management and community development.  This was a defining experience that has influenced all of his subsequent work on participation, social innovation and local development.


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